(ВИДЕО) ЗА СЕ КАСНИМЕ ЗАД СРБИТЕ: Македонската Биљана Плавшиќ реши да се активира во политиката 30 години по Српската Биљана Плавшиќ!


Професорката Гордана Силјановска Давкова се обрати преку видео откако и официјално беше објавено дека се пријавила на конкурсот на  ВМРО-ДПМНЕ за претседателски кандидат.

– По долго размислување решив да ја прифатам иницијативата на моите почитувани колешки и колеги за натпартиски кандидат на следните претседателски избори. За таа цел ја барам поддршката од сите граѓани на Република Македонија, од Конвенцијата на ВМРО ДПМНЕ, како и од други политички субјекти и актери. Она што ме водеше во одлуката беше свеста за насушната потреба во Република Македонија од глас на разумот, глас на правото, правдата и моралот, глас на вистинските европски вредност, вели Силјановска Давкова во видео обраќањето објавено на Јутјуб.

Plavšić was a university professor teaching biology at the University of Sarajevo and acted as Head of Department of Biology. She is a Fulbright Scholar, and as such she spent two years at Boyce-Thompson institute at Cornell University in New York doing botany research. She then specialized in electron microscopy in London, and plant virology in Prague and Bari. A highly accomplished scientist, she published over one hundred scientific works and papers which have been widely cited in scholarly literature and textbooks.

Political career[edit]

Plavšić was a member of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS). She was the first female member of the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, serving from 18 November 1990 until April 1992 after having been elected in the first multi-party elections in 1990 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From 28 February 1992 to 12 May 1992, Plavšić became one of the two acting presidents of the self-proclaimed Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thereafter she became one of two Vice-presidents of the Republika Srpska and from circa 30 November 1992 she was a member of the Supreme Command of the armed forces of the Republika Srpska.

Biljana Plavšić and other Bosnian Serb women leaders in Banja Luka.

Plavšić was infamous for some of her comments during the war and for her April 1992 appearance in Bijeljina with Željko Ražnatović, aka Arkan. Plavšić declared that “six million Serbs can die so that the remaining six million can live in freedom” and considered the ethnic cleansing carried out against non-Serbs during the war to be a “natural phenomenon”.[4] In July 1993, in a statement to Borba, Plavšić reportedly claimed that Bosnian Serbs are ethnically-racially superior to Bosnian Muslims and claimed that:[5]

  • The Serbs in Bosnia, particularly in the border areas, have developed a keen ability to sense danger to the whole nation and have developed a defense mechanism. In my family they used to say that the Serbs in Bosnia were much better than Serbs in Serbia […] and remember, the defense mechanism was not created through a short period of time; it take decades, centuries […] I am a biologist and I know: most capable of adapting and surviving are those species that live close to other species from whom they are endangered.

In 1994 Plavšić stated that she and other Serbian nationalists were unable to negotiate with the “”Bosniaks”” due to genetics:[6]

  • It was genetically deformed material that embraced Islam. And now, of course, with each successive generation it simply becomes concentrated. It gets worse and worse. it simply expresses itself and dictates their style of thinking, which is rooted in their genes. And through the centuries, the genes degraded further.